enMotion Paper Towels: Everything You Need To Know


enMotion Paper Towels: A Quick Guide

Georgia-Pacific is a world-leading manufacturer of tissues, paper towels and many other familiar household brands. Georgia-Pacific products are particularly useful if you work or live in an environment where cleanliness and hygiene are vital in creating efficient, effective and clean conditions. 

enMotion Paper Towel Collection

One of Georgia-Pacific’s most popular brands is the enMotion paper towel range and related dispensers. These products are vital in maintaining your workplace or living space so that you can ensure everyone stays healthy, happy and on track. 

Why Choose enMotion?

Perfect for situations that require frequent hand washing and secure hygiene, the enMotion paper towel collection plus dispensers are the ideal products to preserve outstanding cleanliness standards in care or clinical settings, restaurants, homes and any other surrounding where people enjoy keeping their environment clean, spotless and sanitary.

Regular hand washing to sustain personal and professional standards can be time-consuming if your equipment isn’t up to scratch. WIth the Georgia-Pacific enMotion paper towel range and dispensers, hand washing couldn’t be easier, quicker or a breeze to include in your day. 

Even better, Twin LIghts Medical has a great range of enMotion products for you to search and select at your convenience. 

Easy To Use And Reliable

A great bonus many customers discover when they enjoy the enMotion brand is that actually using them is so simple. The paper towels are soft and absorbent, with the dispenser ensuring quick hand-drying without fuss. What’s more, enMotion paper towel dispensers are so reliable, always dispensing a towel with speedy efficiency, whilst ensuring only one towel is used at a time, taking the environment seriously by reducing waste. 

Stylish And Efficient

There are a wide variety of products to meet your needs, delivering high-quality, high-capacity towels which are also cost-effective to help boost your budget. Not only are the enMotion dispensers stylish and elegant in design, they are also space-efficient, making the most of the area you have, without getting in your way. These vital workplace or home items are ‘hands-free’ or ‘touchless’ so that there is a huge reduction in germ or virus contamination, making this the perfect choice for any washroom or hygienic area. 


Do I Need enMotion Paper Towels?

It’s true to say that enMotion paper towels are incredibly helpful in a diverse range of situations and surroundings. Many people find themselves in circumstances or positions where effective, reliable cleanliness and hygiene are vital to healthy lives and thriving workplace or clinical settings. 

Healthcare Settings

If you are working in a hospital, clinic or care setting then you will know that constant high levels of cleanliness are vital to keeping your patients - and you - safe. That’s where Georgia-Pacific enMotion paper towels and dispensers can step right in and give you peace of mind with effortless, guaranteed hygiene standards. 

Hygienic Workplaces

You have a business in the food or drinks industry - cafes, restaurants or bars. So, you’re no doubt going to want to make sure your employees and customers have free, easy access to excellent standards of hand washing and drying. With the touchless Georgia-Pacific enMotion paper towel dispensers, this is exactly what you can offer the people who work for you and your clients. 

Exceptional Hygiene For Vulnerable Groups

Being mobility restricted or living with limited space means that you want caring, gentle cleansing equipment that does the job right when you need it. If you’re disabled, living with immune-deficiency conditions, post-surgery or have specific hygiene requirements, you will probably be living with a desire to reduce your chance of catching viruses or being exposed to harmful bacteria.

Undoubtedly, the enMotion range can deliver a one-stop solution to all your hygiene needs, reassuringly soft and absorbent, ensuring you have quick and clean hand-washing solutions always at your fingertips. 

Benefits Of enMotion Paper Towel Dispensers

At the cutting edge of touchless dispensing technology, Georgia-Pacific enMotion paper towel dispensers are elegant in design, efficient in operation and conscious of environmental impact. 

Leading the way in controlling hygiene in home and work environments, the enMotion dispensers deliver improved cleanliness through touchless dispensing, alongside customisable towel settings. 

Choosing hang mode ensures users will always have a towel ready when required. Selecting on-demand mode will guarantee, with a simple wave of the hand, a clean towel will be presented to control usage for efficiency and ecological reasons. 

Each enMotion paper towel dispenser enables you to control settings and adjust roll transfer so you can set the dispensing rate and timings you need for excellent service. 

One thing that everyone comments on is the peaceful, quiet delivery of towels on time. In fact, enMotion towel dispensers are optimized through Whisper Quiet™ technology,  offering virtually soundless, automated operation for a premium experience.

You can find one of the most popular enMotion paper towel dispensers in a flash on the Twin Lights Medical site, offering you super quick selection and delivery so that you have hygienic solutions in place real fast. 

Which enMotion Paper Towel Products Are Right For You?

89440 enMotion 1-Ply Hardwound Paper Towel Roll by Georgia-Pacific

Brown hardwound paper towel roll, 700 sheet roll, 6 rolls per case. Designed to be used with our enMotion® Recessed or enMotion® Impulse® 8 automated towel dispenser. Green seal certified to GS1 standard. High capacity, high quality, ECOLOGO® roll towels. Contains at least 50% post-consumer recycled fiber.

89460 enMotion 1-Ply Paper Towel by Georgia-Pacific

White paper towel, 800 continuous sheet roll, 6 per case. Designed to fit enMotion Classic or enMotion Impulse 10 automated electronic roll towel systems. Soft, thick, and absorbent paper towel that delivers quality and performance. Long-lasting rolls help reduce the time spent refilling and minimize the need for maintenance.

89410 enMotion White Premium Touchless 1-Ply Paper Towel by Georgia-Pacific

White paper towel, 425 continuous sheet roll, 6 rolls per case. Designed to fit enMotion Recessed or Impulse 8 automated towel dispenser. Soft, thick and ultra-absorbent. Quick and gentle hand-drying, delivering an optimum cleansing solution with ultimate care. 

89490 enMotion Touchless 1-Ply Paper Towel by Georgia-Pacific

Soft, thick and absorbent paper towel that delivers quality and performance. Reduces waste with the ability to adjust dispensed sheet length resulting in less towels used, plus long lasting rolls minimize maintenance. Compatible with enMotion® 10” paper towel dispensers 59462A 59407A 59460A 59488A 59447A 59487A. 800 Sheets per Roll, 6 Rolls per Case.

89480 and 89420 enMotion Touchless 1-Ply Paper Towels by Georgia-Pacific


High capacity, high quality, refill roll towels. One-at-a-time, touch-free dispensing reduces usage and minimizes the risk of cross-contamination. 89420 is designed to fit enMotion Classic or enMotion Impulse 10 automated electronic roll towel systems. 89480 has 1000 sheets per roll, 6 rolls per case. 89420 has 700 sheets per roll, 6 rolls per case.

59437A enMotion Impulse 8 Wall Mount Touch-free Paper Towel Dispenser by Georgia-Pacific

enMotion® touchless towel dispensers help reduce waste by 30% vs. standard folded towels. Automatic touchless dispensing helps improve hygiene and reduces risk of cross-contamination.Smaller profile fits great in small spaces plus it enhances with a sleek design. Adjustable settings - sheet length and dispense mode.Operates quietly on 3 D-cell alkaline batteries (included). Whisper Quiet™ Dispenser offers virtually soundless, automated operation for a premium experience. Compatible with enMotion®  paper towel refills 89410, 89420, 89430 and 89440. 


  1. How do I open my enMotion paper towel dispenser?

You will probably need a dispenser key to open your enMotion paper towel dispenser. The lock is usually located at the side of the dispenser. Once opened, you can see if there are any paper jams and gently pull the towels free for continuous use. If loading for the first time, make sure you read the dispenser and paper towel instructions for your particular piece of equipment so that you can load and be ready to use the dispenser within seconds.

  1. What is the enMotion paper towel dispenser key? 

The Georgia-Pacific enMotion paper towel dispensers are easily opened with a Georgia-Pacific dispenser key. This is a commercial-level, robust and high-quality key that fits your dispenser so you can manage paper towel use and control the dispenser with ease. 

  1. Where can I buy enMotion paper towel products?

Happily, Twin Lights Medical supplies a fantastic range of Georgia-Pacific enMotion paper towel products to suit your every need, with super quick delivery and easy purchasing options to simplify your buying process. 

Just pop on over to our site to browse all our enMotion products so you can get what you need, when you need it for a clean and hygienic environment. 

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