Fran and Grandmother


I believe that everyone involved in the medical field has a personal connection and deep feelings to do their part to help. My story starts with my grandparents, both long time healthcare veterans, who pioneered many changes in the nursing home industry. We grew up hearing stories of the attention and care that they provided their clients, from instituting serving healthy and tasty food according to each client’s needs to having challenging and interesting activities so that clients were involved and inspired.

My beloved grandmother had medical complications starting in her 60’s, and needed to start using some of the very medical supplies and equipment that she had been ordering for her clients. I learned a lot from her over those years- her fierce need for independence, her commitment to continue living her life to the fullest and never giving up. My husband and I started a home medical supply company around that time and saw first-hand that same, burning desire in many of our clients and their families. What we found was that most of our clients, and even my industry savvy grandmother had no idea what kind of equipment and supplies were available to help meet those needs. Sure, there were the basic things, hospital style wheelchairs and commodes, but what about pretty nightgowns that open in the back to preserve dignity, or transport wheelchairs that weigh less, can easily be kept in a car and make outings easier on everyone involved? Our mission has been to let our clients know their options; we don’t only sell products we offer solutions to help our client’s live life to its fullest.
We look forward to helping you as well,
All the best, Fran
Pictured above, my grandmother and I at a family wedding in 2001