What Are the Most Popular Adult Pull-Ups for Men, Women, and Overnight Wear?


Posted by Twin Lights Medical, 14th November 2021

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  • The key differences between pull-ups and diapers so you can choose with confidence
  • 4 reasons why adult pull-ups are becoming more popular than diapers
  • Reliable, trusted pull-ups for men and women (plus overnight protection)

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Tell Me — What’s the Difference Between Adult Diapers and Adult Pull-Ups?

Without a doubt, this is one of the most common questions we receive from our customers! 

So, let’s dive straight in with a simple breakdown of the main differences.

Adult diapers — also referred to as “briefs” — have been around for a longer time than pull-ups have. Diapers have a few unique advantages:

  • Tabs are included on each side that can be secured and adjusted for a comfortable fit
  • They are easier for users (or their carers) to put on, compared with pull-ups that must slide up the legs
  • Most diapers protect against heavy-duty bladder and bowel incontinence 
  • Diapers can be a practical option for individuals who are more bedbound, as they have better coverage and absorbency in the back

However, the newer adult pull-ups — also referred to as “pull-ons” or “protective underwear” — are proving to be an extremely popular choice. 

In fact, adult pull-ups are outselling diapers on the Twin Lights Medical online store

Now what are the reasons for this trend, you may be thinking?

  • Pull-ups are practical and feel a lot like normal underwear 
  • Unlike diapers that may “rustle” under clothing, pull-ups are silent and dignified
  • There are a mixture of day and overnight pull-ups to choose from
  • They can be more comfortable to wear for longer periods than diapers

So, what’s your view on the diapers vs. pull-ups debate? 

If pull-ups could be the better option for you, you’ll want to take a look through the next section of the article. 

Why? Because it’s about time we showcased the pull-ups that are most in-demand at the moment.

First up, we’ll share a couple of the men’s products:

Men’s Adult Pull-Ups

TENA® Men™ Disposable Fitted Absorbent Underwear

A great offering from TENA® Men™, this pull-up includes tear-away seams that make them easy for you to remove, plus a Dry Fast Core™ to guarantee dryness and security.

Available in sizes from 34-64 inch waist/hip

Prevail Per-Fit Men Disposable Absorbent Underwear Moderate Absorbency

Feeling just like regular underwear, you can benefit from 360° Breathable Zones™ that prevent overheating and Comfort-Shape® with gentle elastics for a comfy fit.

Available in sizes Medium to Large

And what about pull-ups for women? 

This offering from Prevail is hard to beat:

Women’s Adult Pull-Ups

Prevail® Per-Fit® Women Disposable Contoured Absorbent Underwear

 Designed with a feminine look and feel for women. Comfort-Shape® contour adapts to your body shape and the Odor Guard™catches any odors at the source.

Available in sizes from 34-68 inch waist/hip

We realize, though, that some users may prefer the flexibility of a unisex pull-up, or may need to manage pesky leaks and voids while they’re asleep.

With this in mind, here are three well-reviewed products to choose from:

Unisex & Overnight Adult Pull-Ups

Tranquility Premium OverNight Unisex Absorbent Underwear

Premium overnight underwear to comfortably sleep through the night. High-volume fluids and waste are channeled to a secure core, keeping your skin nice and dry. 

Available in sizes X-Small to 2X-Large

TENA® Overnight Super Unisex Disposable Absorbent Underwear

TENA’s highest absorbency protective underwear. The ConfioAir® technology gives you a breathable and natural-feeling option for through-the-night wear. 

Available in sizes from 34-66 inch waist/hip

Tena ProSkin Extra Unisex Moderate Absorbent Pull-On Underwear

This adult pull-up is a wonderfully adaptable unisex option. You can relax knowing the ergonomic fit and high absorbency zone protect against light, moderate, and heavy leaks.

Available in Small to 2X-Large sizes

Which of the pull-ups above do you think is the best fit for your needs? 

Please let us know if you have any questions. For now, though, we thought it could be useful to run through several commonly asked questions about buying and wearing pull-ups.


  • What Are the Different Types of Pull-Ups?

  • Here are a few of the different types of adult pull-ups that you can choose from, depending on your gender and needs. We’ll link the three options to examples of products you can expect in each category:

  • Can Adults Wear Pull-Ups?

  • Absolutely, yes! The truth is, incontinence affects many adults worldwide. This is especially the case with regards to urinary incontinence, where prevalence is anywhere from 10-36% in population studies.

    Granted, it does remain somewhat of a taboo subject to discuss, but things are (thankfully) changing. Conversations are opening up. And although you wouldn’t notice it, many adults go about their day as normal wearing a pull-up for protection and peace of mind.

  • What Are the Best Pull-Ups for Adults?

  • Ooh, now this is a tricky question to finish on.

    Let’s just say that after a heated discussion at Twin Lights Medical HQ, we couldn’t decide! But here’s a collection of our favorite adult pull-ups in terms of quality and cost — our best-sellers are shown first.

    Closing Thoughts

    Fingers crossed, the recommendations above have given you a few helpful and affordable adult pull-ups to choose from.

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