Boost Very High Calorie Flavored Ready to Use Oral Supplement, 8 oz. Carton

Flavor: Very Vanilla
Quantity: Case
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Oral Supplement, Very Vanilla Flavor, Tetra Prisma Carton (Reclosable Cap)


1 Each; 24 per Case

Oral Supplement, Strawberry Flavor, Tetra Prisma Carton (Recloseable Cap)


1 Each; 24 per Case


  • The most calorically dense, nutritionally complete oral beverage with 2.25 kcal/mL
  • 520 nutrient-rich calories in each 8oz serving
  • 22 g high-quality protein
  • Appropriate for medication pass supplement programs
  • Nutritionally dense to accommodate diminished appetites
  • Combines high calories with high protein to help preserve lean muscle mass and support weight gain or maintenance goals
  • Suitable for these diets: lactose intolerance, gluten-free, low-residue, kosher, fluid-restricted
  • Not for individuals with galactosemia
  • Provides nutritional support for individuals with increased energy needs, fluid restriction, volume sensitivity, or malnutrition
  • As with all medication taken with food, drug/nutrient interactions should be evaluated by the physician and/or pharmacist prior to use
  • Note: See individual product labels for ingredients, allergen statements, and indications for use

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Peter K.
Nutrition and More

During throat cancer radiation therapy, when swallowing was very difficult, this high calorie liquid provided the highest nutrition per amount swallowed, and helped get me through. Now that that’s all happily over, there is some tissue narrowing in the swallowing passages, and this product’s high viscosity when chilled, is a great way to get down larger pills, like vitamin gelcap and such. And I like the taste (vanilla in my case). So it was crucial to my recovery and has become a good friend.

Erica Loendorf

Boost Very High Calorie Flavored Ready to Use Oral Supplement, 8 oz. Carton

George M.
Weight producer

I added on weight after beginning to drink one or two a day. They are very tasty and filling.

Patrice Swain
Best gainer than the rest

Yummy and delicious

Linda Rampone
Good enough to live off of!

Can't eat real food right now and these are awesome!! They taste great!

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