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Abri-San 1 Incontinence Pad, 10x22 cm, 200 mL absorbency (Level 1)


28 per Pack; 280 per Case

Abri-San 1A Incontinence Pad, 10x28 cm, 200 mL absorbency (Level 1A)


28 per Pack; 336 per Case

Abri-San 2 Incontinence Pad, 10x26 cm, 350 ml absorbency (Level 2) 9260 28 per Pack; 252 per Case
Abri-San 2 Incontinence Pad, 11x33 cm, 500 mL absorbency (Level 3) 9266 28 per Pack; 196 per Case
Abri-San 3A Incontinence Pad, 11x33 cm, 650 mL absorbency (Level 3) 9267 28 per Pack; 196 per Case
Abri-San 4 Incontinence Pad, 20x44 cm, 800 mL absorbency (Level 4) 9271 28 per Pack; 168 per Case
Abri-San 5 Incontinence Pad, 28x54 cm, 1200 mL absorbency (Level 5) 9374 36 per Pack; 144 per Case
Abri-San 6 Incontinence Pad, 30x63 cm, 1600 mL absorbency (Level 6) 9378 34 per Pack; 102 per Case
Abri-San 7 Incontinence Pad, 36x63 cm, 2100 mL absorbency (Level 7) 9381 30 per Pack; 120 per Case
Abri-San 8 Incontinence Pad, 36x63 cm, 2500 mL absorbency (Level 8) 9382 21 per Pack; 84 per Case
Abri-San 9 Incontinence Pad, 37x73 cm, 2400 mL absorbency (Level 9) 9384 25 per Pack; 100 per Case
Abri-San 10 Incontinence Pad, 37x73 cm, 2800 mL absorbency (Level 10) 9386 21 per Pack; 84 per Case
Abri-San 11 Incontinence Pad, 37x73 cm, 3400 mL absorbency (Level 11) 9389 16 per Pack; 64 per Case
Abri-San Special Fecal Incontinence Pad, 37x73 cm, 2000 mL absorbency 300200 28 per Pack; 112 per Case


About Female Incontinence Pad:

Abri-San products are anatomically shaped pads for all degrees of incontinence, designed to be worn with your regular underwear for extra comfort and security.

Abri-San is available in 14 different absorbency levels meeting every individual need providing improved quality of care and more effective planning and cost control. The product range covers both urinary incontinence products (Abri-San) and fecal incontinence products (Abri-San Special).

Features of Female Incontinence Pad:

  • Optimum comfort and discretion
  • Cotton –feel, fully breathable textile backsheet foil.
  • Efficient barriers with built in pockets.
  • Odor system, minimizing any unpleasant smell
  • Nordic Eco-Label
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Latex-free and non-chlorine bleached
  • Suitable for both fecal and urine incontinence (Abri-San Special)
  • Abri-San 0-1-1A-2-3-3A-4 cover light to moderate incontinence
  • Abri-San 5-6-7-8-9-10-11 cover moderate to heavy incontinence

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Rita Hermansen
Incontinence pads

Like the length and the softness, but the sticky strips do not have enough stickiness to them, so they don't stick to my pants. They twist and slide out of place.

Rita Hermansen
Sabrina Abri San Pads

I like the pads because they are long. I wish they had a better adhesive strip. They don't stick to my pants and they move around. I like that the delivery is so fast.

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