Antifungal Thera® 2% Strength Powder 3 oz. Shaker Bottle

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Ant-Itch and Antifungals


1 Bottle; 12 per Case



  • Thera® Antifungal Body Powder
  • Helps treat superficial skin infections caused by yeast (Candida albicans)
  • Helps treat most common fungal infections including athlete's foot, jock itch and ringworm
  • Relieves itching, scaling, cracking, burning, redness, soreness, irritation, discomfort and chafing
  • Helps treat and prevent skin irritations caused by fungus and skin infections
  • Flows freely and stays in place for extended periods of time
  • Helps protect against excess moisture in folds and intertriginous areas
  • Ideal for bariatric patient use
  • Moisturizes the skin and serves as a supplement when incontinence or wound drainage is an issues
  • Talc-free, non-allergenic and non-sensitizing
  • Recommended for skin folds, feet, socks and shoes
  • Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex
  • Brand Thera®
  • Manufacturer McKesson Brand
  • Active Ingredients Miconazole Nitrate
  • Application Antifungal
  • Container Type Shaker Bottle
  • Dosage Form Powder
  • Strength 2%
  • Volume 3oz
  • Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex
  • Packaged: 1 Bottle 3oz and One case has 12 3oz Bottles
  • Item Number 53-AFP3

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