Attends® Discreet Male Guard Disposable Bladder Control Pad, One Size Fits Most, Light Absorbency

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Male Bladder Control Pad, 12-1/2 Inch Length


20 per Bag; 120 per Case


About Product:

  • Attends Discreet Men's Guard provides discreet bladder leak protection specifically for men
  • The cup shaped design allows for a comfortable fit and use in your own briefs or boxer briefs, while the full length adhesive keeps it in place
  • The Male Guard includes a soft, foam leg cuff to help protect against leaks out the side
  • Each guard is individually wrapped for discretion
  • One Bag as 20 Male Guards
  • One Case has 120 Male Guards (6 bags 20 in each)
  • Odor Shield
  • Premium Softness
  • Full Length Adhesive
  • Soft, Foam Leg Cuff
  • Contoured shape for comfortable fit
  • Individally Wrapped
  • Odor Shield
  • Premium Softness
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