Comfees® Male Disposable Toddler Training Pants, Pull On with Tear Away Seams, Moderate Absorbency

Size: 2T to 3T
Quantity: Bag
Sale price$6.81


Description Item No. Quantity
Toddler Training Pants, Up to 34 lbs. - Size 2T to 3T CMF-B2 26 per Bag; 156 per Case
Toddler Training Pants, 32 to 40 lbs. - Size 3T to 4T CMF-B3 23 per Bag; 138 per Case
Toddler Training Pants, Over 38 lbs. - Size 4T to 5T CMF-B4 19 per Bag; 114 per Case


About Product Comfees® Male Disposable Toddler Training Pants:

  • Slides on and off like real underwear with the added security of tear-away sides
  • Comfees Training Pants are Soft, stretch-to-fit waist and side panels for comfort, fit, and leakage protection
  • Fun, underwear-like designs, that fade when wet to help with learning
  • Soft and stretchy like real underwear, with an absorbent core for when it’s needed

Features of Comfees® Male Disposable Toddler Training Pants:

  • Wetness indicator
  • Pull on like real underwear
  • Fun designs
  • Easy tear-away sides
  • Designed for Boys
  • Easy Tear-Away Sides
  • Wetness Indicator
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