Curity™ Unisex Disposable Overnight Pull On Absorbent Underwear, Heavy Absorbency

Size: Small/Medium 38-65 lbs
Quantity: Bag
Sale price$13.99


Item No.
Small/Medium 38-65 lbs Absorbent Underwear
17 per Bag; 68 per Case
Large/XL, 60-125 lbs Absorbent Underwear
14 per Bag; 56 per Case



  • Designed for older children and teenagers suffering from bed-wetting
  • The super-dry core is suitable for overnight protection
  • Leg gathers and leak barriers offer improved leakage protection
  • Cloth-like backing allows discreet, comfortable wear and looks like regular underwear
  • Soft, stretchable sides and waist provide an optimal fit
  • Color White
  • Tear-away side seams allow easy removal
  • The back indicator simplifies putting the underwear on correctly

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