Drive Summit™ Walking Poles- One Pair

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GO FARTHER THAN YOU THOUGHT POSSIBLE! Drive Medical’s new Drive Summit™ Walking Poles help you stand tall, take pressure off your joints, and support your balance so you can stay active. Perfect for use on daily walks as well as more adventurous outings. Our adjustable walking poles feature ergonomic handles and interchangeable tips to help you stay stable and active on any terrain.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Push-Button Locking System, Designed with an easy-to-use push-button locking system to offer more security than twist-locking systems with a greater weight-bearing capacity
  • 200 lb weight-bearing capacity per pole
  • Lightweight yet sturdy aluminum shaft
  • Ergonomic Handle with Rubber and Foam Grip, Including three gripping options. The rounded top portion of the pole can be held in your plm for times you need to push yourself up. The molded middle portion of the handle is ergonomically contoured to support the wrist in a neutral position and reduce strain. As an alternative to the rubber grip, the absorbent lower foam handle offers cushioned comfort and is great for sweaty hands.
  • Removable Wrist Strap, Each pole features a wrist strap to help you carry the poles when not in use for walking. It is easily removable for added safety when walking (studies show a higher risk in injury if falling with hand through wrist strap).
  • Carry Strap, Use a carry strap to attach the two poles together for easy carrying or storage.
  • Bell-shaped Tips, Perfect for users in need of additional stability or for more difficult terrain, the bell-shaped tips offer greater stability, off-loading and traction.
  • Angled Tips, Ideal for users looking for added propulsion or on paved or stable terrain, the angled tips help users push off and propel themselves.
  • Steel Tips, The poles’ integrated steel tip provides traction on nature trains, slippery or soft terrain and beaches.
  • Handle height adjusts with the push of a button from 37.75" to 47.75", Collapses to 30" or disassembles for storage and travel
  • Color Mountain Print
  • Weight Capacity 200 lbs per pole

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