Drug Disposal Pouch Deterra® Medium, 45 Pill or 6 Patch or 6 oz. Liquid Capacity

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  • Independently tested and environmentally sound drug disposal system that permanently deactivates pills, patches, liquids, creams and films
  • The patented Deterra System is powered by proprietary organic activated carbon to render drugs inert and safe for disposal in the normal household trash
  • Deterra’s plant-based packaging is USDA Certified, 50% or more bio-based and has earned the plastic certification
  • Brand Deterra®
  • Ingredients: Non-toxic carbon
  • Manufacturer Verde Environmental Technologies Inc
  • Application Drug Disposal Pouch
  • For Use With For Disposal of Pharmaceuticals
  • Specifications Medium stand-up pouch can deactivate:
    • 45 Pill or
    • 6 Patch or 6 oz. Liquid Capacity
  • One Each

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