Fasplint® General Purpose Splint Vacuum Splint Vinyl Orange

Size: Small (FS 801-10)
Sale price$29.00



  • This semi-disposable vacuum splint provides secure immobilization
  • The tapered shape of the Fasplint® is anatomically appropriate for immobilizing extremity injuries
  • Conforms to the patient's injury, so even difficult fractures and dislocations can be stabilized easily and quickly
  • Non-magnetic valve is x-ray and MRI compatible
  • Brand Fasplint®
  • Manufacturer Hartwell Medical 
  • Application General Purpose Splint
  • Color Orange
  • Material Vinyl
  • Style Vacuum Splint
  • Target Area For Extremities
  • Fastening Type Without Fastening
  • Offered in Small (14 X 19-1/2 Inch) One Splint 
  • Offered in Medium ( 20 X 24-1/2 Inch) One Splint

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