Presto™ FlexRight™ Protective Underwear, Overnight Absorbency tear-away sides

Size: Medium Bag
Sale price$13.99


Presto's superior design offers a flexible, elastic-free waistband that moves without stretching, sagging or bunching at night. Can also be used in the daytime. Rated for up to 3L of liquid absorption.


  • Thinnest and softest absorbent cores along with a stretchy cotton-like fabric for maximum comfort.
  • Manufacturer Presto Absorbent Products
  • Dual core significantly increases the core's ability to wick and lock fluid away from the skin, resulting in superior performance and user satisfaction.
  • Advanced odor secure technology reduces the amount of ammonia formed in the absorbent core preventing odors before they begin.
  • Inner leg cuffs provide the ultimate double barrier leakage protection for either bed-bound or active individuals.
  • color-coded waistband indicates the rear of the underwear.
  • Easy tear-away side panels for quick removal
  • Overnight Absorbency
  • Gender Unisex 
  • Medium 32'' to 44''
  • X-Large 58'' to 68''
  • Medium Bag has 16 Presto™ FlexRight™ Protective Underwear
  • X-Large Bag  has 12 Presto™ FlexRight™ Protective Underwear

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