Shoulder Exerciser CanDo® Black / White

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  • Used to increase shoulder range-of-motion
  • A shoulder exerciser with a single pulley and door jamb anchor nub
  • An economical and lightweight shoulder pulley easy to transport
  • Has a swivel hook for seamless pulley action and large foam handles for comfortable grip
  • Extra-long rope can be used in standing or seated position
  • Comes with standard pamphlet instructions and retail packaging
  • Brand CanDo®
  • Manufacturer Fabrication Enterprises
  • Application Shoulder Exerciser
  • Color Black / White
  • Dimensions 2-1/4 X 5 X 5-1/4 Inch
  • Material Foam / Rope / Webbing Material
  • Specifications Overdoor Single Pulley with Door Strap
  • One Each

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