Thick & Easy® Thickened Beverage, Flavored, 4 oz. Portion Cup Ready to Use, Honey Consistency

Flavor: Apple Juice
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Item No.


Thickened Beverage, 60 Calories - Apple Juice Flavor 12687 24 per Case
Thickened Beverage, 50 Calories - Cranberry Juice Flavor 20160 24 per Case
Thickened Beverage, 50 Calories - Iced Tea Flavor 32870 24 per Case
Thickened Beverage, 50 Calories - Orange Juice Flavor 32192 24 per Case
Thickened Beverage, 80 Calories - Prune Flavor 72459 24 per Case



  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals, and each serving provides the full recommended daily requirement for Vitamin C
  • The portion control cups have easy-peel foil barrier seals that remove quickly and cleanly, minimizing spills
  • Releases 98% of available fluid after consumption
  • No mixing errors – eliminates waste

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