Waterproof Mattress - Ultra Plus Mattress Protector

Size: 34" x 36"
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Description Item No. Quantity

Ultra-Plus, 4 Layer34" x 36" 

NC32571  1 Mattress Protector

Ultra-Plus, 4 Layer34" x 52"

NC32572  1 Mattress Protector



  • Ultra Plus Mattress Protector has four layers: a soft, quilted cotton blend top surface; a polyester fiberfill layer; an absorbent, high-density polyester/rayon inner layer.
  • Vinyl waterproof barrier with a soft, polyester knit finish.
  • Absorbent, quilted pads protect mattresses, chairs and furniture.
  • Soft, comfortable fabric pads lined with a waterproof, vinyl backing.
  • Color White
  • Ultra-Plus, 4 Layer34" x 36" (86.4 x 91.4cm)   Item Number NC32571
  • Ultra-Plus, 4 Layer34" x 52"(86.4 x 132.1cm)  Item Number NC32572

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